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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day OFF!

I'm gifting myself a spontaneous day off, because I called a friend last night whom I haven't talked to in a year (and seven years before that -- and I think I may have stilll had a real job the last time I actually saw him) and it just so happens he's going to be in town today! So I'm meeting him for lunch and dinner, and Johnny's going to meet us in town when he gets back from Bourne and we're all going to eat loads of fattening and expensive pasta in the North End.

So I'm tying Goody up and throwing her in the basement for a couple hours. Oh relax, I gave her a bucket of water. And a straw.

Besides, Prudence is actually considering keeping up her Manifesto through the summer, so she needs a day in the real world to remember what it's like...

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