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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 24, Project 3: Quick Like A Bunny

Johnny and I just got back from helping Andy on his house all day. That is a long story that only starts with a baby bunny getting runned-over with the lawn mower. I promise to tell you at least some of it tomorrow (though that's all I'll say about poor Peter) but for now I just found out I have to run back out again and save my husband from himself. So here are some pictures to tide you over for now -- and to satisfy my Prudent Heart.

I did the door before we left this morning. Here it is, looking assy:

It actually looks even worse than this. You think that's a glare on the top part but it's not. It really is all white and washy. Johnny said if I don't like the way it came out I can paint it. So I killed him.

I meant to take a picture of the clothes hanging on the line, but there is so much wind around here they dried in an hour and I took them down before we even left this morning. So instead here's one of just the line:

And one of my dry clothes:

Use your imagination.

Oh, and here's a picture of the grill I bought and put together last week:

Yes, it's in the dining room. I don't feel like explaining why we haven't taken it outside yet. Okay, I don't know why we haven't taken it outside.

And here is the name of the stain I used on the door and all the woodwork, which I knew but had forgotten till I saw:

In case you can't read that because my camera's ass, it says "Puritan Pine."

Okay, now I have to go because Johnny called from the pub to say he'd mentioned our spare bedroom to this English couple who really need a place to stay until they find some jobs....


I have to go!

Day 24: Accomplished.
Time: 20 minutes
Cost: Nothing.
My Spare Bedroom Staying That Way: Freakin' priceless! I gotta go!

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