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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 21: I Think I See The Light...

The door looks fine! Good, in fact! I overslept this morning so I don't have time to actually work on it until I get home from work, but I knew you all would be waiting on tenterhooks (which are what, exactly?) so I thought I would report.

The plan is to hit it one last time this afternoon with thinner (there's some scudge on there that I don't trust to come off completely with just a sand). Johnny says then I'll have to clean it with denatured alcohol because "the grain is open now" and it will close again when I hit it with the stripper, so I have to wash it with the alcohol to open it up again. Whatever any of that means.

Then when it's dry, a quick sand, and then I get to stain it. Then varnish. Then re-hang. How many chickens is that?

Oh, plus there's another door I really should have been doing at the same time as this one, but I thought it would be easier if I did them one at a time. Boy, yeah, this has been so easy. Imagine if I were doing two. It might have been, like, a pain in the ass or something.

Language, Prudence...

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