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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We Have A Winner!

Someone named Janice (whom I call my Nana)
Is, for this contest, our top-tier Banana
Or Kiwi, I should say, since she is from New Z.
(Which for some reason's endlessly tickling to me).
At any rate, Janice -- with her eagle eye --
Spotted the constant I asked you to spy.
(And also did Sammie, though she's #2,
But I wasn't specific, so Sam, here's to you.)

On the back of the couch, in the upper left corner
Lies Sister, the cat, just like Little Jack Horner.
Only sister does not have her thumb in a pie,
She just has a really mean look in her eye.
She always does, really, it's no fault of Jan's,
Or Sammie's or any of you also-rans:

She's also not dead, though she does look that way.
She's just mad that I took all her laundry away.


Janice said...

Thank you for the poem! That's lovely. What a gift! You must have got that ability from Grumps - did you see his poem on the link you gave me? You know, in New Zealand we pronounce it zed, not zee so it took a couple of readings for me to 'click' to that rhyme. Talking of Grumps, I've just shown him your blog and he's tickled. But he reckons if the pair of us spent less time blogging and more time doing we'd be better off... I've tried to explain it to him but you know how he is.

Georgetown House said...

I'm going to have to pay more careful attention to your announcements of your contests, though I cringe at the idea of what might end up rhyming with "Leslie."

Janice said...

why should you worry? i got banana...

EGE said...

Oh shoot! I was just going to say "Hey, it's not like I found anything to rhyme with Janice!"

Speaking of which -- I did see Grumps's poem! When I clicked over to get the address for the link, there it was. The coincidence made me laugh but the poem was very sweet. He's right, though, I'd get more done if I talked about it less. But then, if you can't talk about it, what's the sense in DOING it!?