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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day Fifteen Redux: To Hell With All Of That

It didn't look like the bleach was doing anything this morning, so I hit it again before I left for work. Johnny didn't say it was okay to do this, but he didn't say it wasn't, either...

The skies darkened and threatened and scowled while I was in the city, but I shook my fist at them and told them they better not or I'd sic Goody on them. They didn't. Phew. I'm so relieved. Imagine how ugly the door would be if it got all rainstains on it!

Almost as ugly as this:

Oh no wait, that's a before picture... Oh no wait, no it's not!

The damn door looks just the same. Except for the rusty bits the bleach brought out on the doorknob. Those're purty.

You can't see really see them here, but trust me. Really, really pretty...

I am d-u-n dun with this here bleaching project. When Johnny gets home, if he thinks he can do better then I'll let him have at it. Otherwise I'm just going to go ahead and stain it as it is and hope (pray, Prudence) for the best. In the meantime, I've thought up like five other projects to start working on. I even have a brilliant plan for how to get my skylight-handle-thing for free!

So fuck this noise. I'm outta here. Off to eat sushi with Marie of Roumania...

Day 15: Done (again), but I wouldn't go so far as to say actually accomplished.
TimeL Another fifteen minutes (I wasn't as careful this time)
Cost: Just the fraying edges of my sanity.
Sushi With Marie: Priceless (which is a good thing, Prudence, because aren't you supposed to be not spending money?
Sometimes, Goody, your sanity demands it...)

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