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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

God Said Ha!

Some loose ends of the furnace saga that, in the throes of last week’s immigration saga, I’ve forgotten to mention until now…

· According to my blog archives, I started joking about the furnace blowing up on February 11 (and please note all the other things I said we planned to do this year; ain't I cute?).

· According to my blog archives, the furnace blew on April 23rd.

· Moral of the story: don’t joke about things like that.

· It’s a little late for that now, isn’t it, Prudence?

· Okay, revised moral of the story: don’t make plans.

· So, again according to my blog archives, the first plumber came to price the job on April 28th, at which point we started saving money because I accidentally let Rumpelstiltskin out of the garage (we don’t have a garage, but we don’t have a gold-spinning misanthropic midget either – it’s a joke).

· Sometime in mid-July (and eight or ten plumbers into trying to price the job) we got serious about starting it already. We hadn’t saved the money yet, per se, but we decided to spend our savings and save them back (ha), rather than wait until we had it all (ha) and risk it being, like, September or something before we got the system in (ha ha).

· Actually, officially, for-good hired the Kid on August 10th.

· Kid finished the job on September 14.

· Oh, except it’s not actually officially, for-good finished yet, because the electrician (who, I also forgot to mention but which has no bearing on this discussion, used to play with Sleepy LaBeef) doesn’t feel any urgent need to return our phone calls or summon the electrical inspector.

· And the Kid left half his tools in our front yard.

Hardy, har, har, har.

I’m not bringing those tools in. I’m sorry, but I’m not. As long as they’re in the yard he can come get them whenever he likes. Once they’re back inside the house, I'll have to schedule a pick-up, and we’ve seen how good the Kid is keeping appointments…

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