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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here's How It Went On

continued from the post below

He wasn't old at all! In fact he might have been younger than me, which means -- wow -- you can go to dental school instead of high school these days (because I am so very young, you see). He was really tall -- at least 6'4", I'd say -- and sort of handsome in a shy, retiring kind of way. Like he used to be the fat kid in junior high and he never quite got over it. Plus I'm pretty sure he's gay.

Yay! If you can't have a woman, get a gay man I always say!

He apologized for being late, explained that he was outside with the fire trucks, and walked me through to our room. Talked to me a bit about my broken tooth, read my chart, confirmed my allergies and everything, and then called my file up on the computer.

Ahem: called my file up on the computer.

Well, gosh. It appeared that my file had been deleted somehow. Which means we're going to have to take a few more x-rays so he can see just what is going on.

Oh poop. I mean, x-rays don't hurt or anything but they do take time, and I really just can't wait until I'm done out of here. But there was nothing to be done about that, so he set up the thing and put the thing on me, put the other thing in my mouth and lined up the last thing (I think those are the technical terms for all of it, at least), then ducked out of the room.

I'm no dentist, but I know that when the little pop up box on the computer screen says "Error," then that means there's something wrong. He tried like nineteen times, but the x-ray machined wouldn't take my picture. And it's not that I'm a vampire, and it's not that I'm invisible -- Dr. German could see me perfectly well, and I had walked myself there in broad daylight, so I know.

He tried taking a picture of the drill, just in case. If the picture of the drill worked, then it was me that was the problem after all. But it didn't. Phew. I guess. So he said what we all say when this sort of thing happens to us:

"I'm going to go ask the IT guy to come down and take a look."

So he went away for a while and I took my book out and read ten pages or so while I waited. When Dr. German came back he said -- oh come on, say it with me -- "He told me to unplug everything and boot back up."

Why is it that this is always the answer, and yet none of us ever try it until the IT guy tells us to?

So he did, and he tested it on the drill thing first, and it worked, so he lined it up on my face and voila. Fifty minutes in to my one o'clock appointment, we at last had a picture of my tooth.

"Now," he said, "the instructor has to come have a look before we can get started."

to be continued

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