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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh, And Also...

Remember how the Kid was going to be here first thing in the morning (with maybe or maybe not three more Big Strong Guys)? Well...

We finally called him at 10:30 and got his machine.

His wife called back at 11:10 to say he'd be here in twenty minutes.

At 12:15 he showed up. With one, not-so-very strong-looking little guy.

Took them 20 minutes to get the furnace strapped to the dolly, out the back hall and down the four porch stairs -- at which point the Kid came running in asking for a glass of water because "I have an abscessed tooth and it just bursted."


Am I a terrible person for not saying "Hie thee to a dentist right this very second now GO"? Am I a terrible person for saying "Here's a glass of water and an aspirin, now please get back to work"?

No, I didn't say that. But here's the thing:

He knew he had a bad tooth. I know he knew because I knew -- he told me about it like the second time that he was here (which was, ahem, two weeks ago). He said he had a toothache, and his wife made him an appointment, but they had changed insurances and when he got to the office he discovered that the old dentist didn't take the new insurance, so he left.

Now, I know from being unable to afford. For a long time I had no health insurance and now, because I live in Massachusetts, I have public health. (Seriously, folks, you've all just gotta move here -- especially all you big gay uninsured homosexuals!) But this kid does have insurance.

I have also had an abscessed tooth. I know just how very painful they can be. If you've never had one, I would never wish it on you. I don't believe that I would even wish it on Mitt Romney (who, by the way is not from Massachusetts, no matter what they say).

The fact that I know what it's like makes me a.) more sympathetic, and also b.) more positive that if he hasn't gone to the dentist yet then he must have a reason, and me sending him away wouldn't accomplish anything except me not getting my furnace in and him not getting paid to do the job.

Plus there's the little fact that he is, at this very minute, sitting in the living room showing Johnny a new tuning for his guitar. While my furnace sits in pieces in the yard...


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