It's not about the house.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I didn't post more this weekend, but I was busy doing this:

And this:

And, ah, there we go, this:

And I'm sorry I posted that obnoxious post the other day about the Bills. That's not like me, and I almost paid for it, and I deserved what I almost got. But I didn't get what I deserved, and I'm sorry to say that I'm not sorry for that.

And, last but not least, I'm sorry, but... does your closet look like this?

For that matter, does your bedroom look like this?

This is what happens in my house when you balls-up the joint compound in the closet.

Johnny takes it upon himself (eventually) and gives it the old guild-treatment.

Seriously, who takes this kind of care in their freaking closet?

Johnny does, that's who.

That's not why I love him, but it's a pretty good extra-plus. Non?


Leslie said...

Can I invite y'all down to this delightful little B&B just about 10 miles from some gorgeous beaches, a decent cook at your disposal for three meals a day (or 4 or 7), a fridge full of the local IPA or Bud, a cabinet full of fixings for any martini you'd like, all in trade for a little bit of this kind of treatment in some spots in our house that really need it? What would it take to tempt you?

Leslie said...

Oh and I was very surprised to see that you're so short! And blond! And wearing vecro-closing shoes!

MD said...

Hey where did all of the clothes go that belong on the floor of the closet?

Khurston said...

oh my goodness, what a stunning child!

EGE said...

Leslie -- ya gotta rock the velcro, especially if you drink like we do.

MD -- no, no, this is not the closet with the clothes on the floor. This is the one that only recently got unpacked for the first time since we moved in. The one with the clothes on the floor is in the bedroom.

Khurston -- who's make it?