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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I, Massachusetts

Thanks, everybody, for the jokes you sent yesterday (Jen #1: I actually had to think about that one for a minute; Willy: how very apropos; and Jen #2: how very!). I came home from work, read them, laughed, put my head down on my desk and fell asleep. I haven't done that since I was in college! When I woke up, both my hands were so numb from being folded on each other with my big old loaf of an Irish head weighting them down, that I reached for a glass of water and dropped it all over my lap and all over the floor. At least I didn't get it on the computer, though -- and hey, now I don't have to mop the floor!

Anyway, here is what I really logged on to say today...

This: just too bad.

I liked her on The Daily Show. She is freakin' hysterical in Esquire. I heard the book was coming out and tore the page out of the magazine and thumbtacked it to my wall so I wouldn't forget. I bought it in hardcover, for crying out loud, and I believe I may have even pre-ordered it, which I never-ever do (oh, well, I just did it again, actually, for this -- and it doesn't come out for a month. So now I'm a liar, too).

And it sucks.

The sad part is I'd read a bad review of this, after I ordered it and before it arrived, but I thought: "No, that person must be just uptight. Her Esquire column is so funny, and so biting -- her take on California culture will be, too. That person is just a tightass who doesn't get it."

Well, maybe I'm a tightass, too.

I'm halfway through it, but I think I'm done. As a very wise person once said to me: "Life's too short to read bad books."

Just write them (she didn't add), and hurry up!

PS The Kid says he'll be here first thing this morning. He doesn't say whether he's bringing any Big Strong Guys with him, but...

PPS I saw Dirty Boy last night covered in melted chocolate -- so who cares?

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