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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best Part Of Jelly-Making?

Jelly-foam on saltine crackers.

Trust me.


Stephanie said...

What is...jelly...foam?

EGE said...

Oh, well, then.

See, without getting too into the particulars: when you're making jelly, you boil the juice, and some foam forms on the top. You have to skim this foam off or the jelly will suck.

And so what ELSE would you do with the sweet-ass jelly-foam?

Eat it on saltine crackers, that's what.

Clam P said...

Thank god for stephanie...
thank god the answer was RIGHT there.
thank god, thank god, thank god!
"jelly foam"

EGE said...

Ummm, charlie? Are you all right?

Mommie Dearest said...

Actually what does happen is if you don't skim the foam, arr is trapped under the lid and mold will form. But I agree it is the best part of jelly making, instant gratification!