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Friday, September 7, 2007

You Think I'm Kidding

This guy?

...actually already dead before I saw him on the floor and freaked out and stepped on him. Twice. Didn't do a g-d thing. Didn't even squish his dried-up corpse

Except, well, I had a a q-tip in my ear when I did it, and now I think I'm deaf.

Look at him, he has a shadow, for god's sake.

Help me! Please, help me!


Sandy & Michael said...


I kept stepping on a dead cicada outside our back door a couple of weeks ago.

very disgusting.

and yes I agree - it looks like it's time to move, either the house is trying to send you a message or the devil wants to move in.

John said...

I am rather comforted by your compulsion, fear, and paranoia. It makes me feel less lonely in the world.

Seriously though, WTF is the deal with all of the spiders in that house? Have you considered bug-bombing the house?

Sandy & Michael said...

not to be a blog-stalker or anything, but John's comment reminds me - I recently did hear that you can get someone to come spray around your house and it will stop spider from coming in. They said it wasn't expensive, and I meant to look into it myself, I am NOT a fan of spiders.


EGE said...

Hmmm... This, I did not know...

Maybe next year, after the quarters in my change jar have lots of little babies of their own.

Sandy & Michael said...

well, in the meantime, you could check this out:

I think that tips number 3 and 9 might be the answer - for any houseblogger really :)

(I'm not sure why this page about spiders is on a site called byfaithonly?) (and yes I am bored today, I will attempt to stop harrasing other housebloggers and actually do some work now).

EGE said...

I like that the headline says "Natural Home Remedies for RIDING Yourself of Spiders" -- yee-haw!