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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I cleaned out under my bed this afternoon…

Remember, one time, I cleaned out my bedside table drawer, and I talked about finding a piece of candy cane stuck to something in there?

Well, um, do you think that could be what this is?

I mean, there’s no way it could turn out to be that mouse I never found, now, could it? Just a little spinal column and a puddle of, well, you know...?


I’m kidding. It’s candy-cane. Know how I know? Johnny cleaned it up (best husband ever) and he said it smelled like peppermint. I don’t know too many squeaking/bleeding mousers that smell like peppermint. Not in this country, anyway.

Oh, and also, I fixed the vacuum. Well, actually, turns out I never really broke the vacuum. I really did drop it like I said and everything, but it turns out all that was really wrong was that I got the filter all bollixed up with lacquer dust. You see? I was right. I should’ve used the shopvac…

So I took the filter out, gave it a rinse in the sink, and clipped it on the line for an hour (I was going to put it back in the machine wet but Johnny said “No!” -- and somehow putting it in the drier just seemed like a bad idea).

Voila! My vacuum works again. Better than before, in fact. I don’t know when the last time I did that was. It’s like a super-sucker vacuum now! I think maybe even the little squealy noise is gone. Unless -- oh...

Do you think that could have been the mouse?


jen said...

I dare not go to the underneaths of my bed. OR my bedside table. There are a lot of little pieces of paper in that table. I like them there. Its comforting. I dont wanna mess up my chakras.

Stephanie said...

how do you lose all of that? by the way, your tags would've made a great post title too :)

EGE said...

Jen -- I don't usually go under the bed myself, but this is a new room, so there wasn't anything scary under there (except the candy cane). Phew!

Steph -- how do I lose the candy can pieces, you mean? Well, the one in the drawer I assume I put in there and forgot about. This one, though, I've NO idea. Maybe I put it on the table and the cats played with it?