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Monday, December 17, 2007

Here Is What Happened To Someone Who Is Not Me

Someone Who Is Not Me was thinking about getting a new car. Not just a new-to-them car, but an actual, brand-new, never-been-driven-off-the-lot-before new car. Both of Someone WINM's family cars were getting on in years (the youngest was exhibiting distinct signs of puberty) and, in the time since they were new, SWINM had built up an actual family to put in them.

So SWINM and SWINM's spouse took the family on a tour of car-selling places. They looked, they read, they test-drove, they comparison-shopped, and then they went home with paperwork and studied up. They took their time, they slept on it, they figured out where they could get the best deal on the car they decided was the smartest buy. And then they slept on it some more.

This weekend, Family Car #2 coughed twice and keeled over. So SWINM and the family Flintstoned it down to the dealership, said "We'll have that one right there, please," and drove home in their new, smartly-purchased, 2007 Silver Car.

"That," said Johnny and I to each other, "is how grown-up people do things."

That is not, needless to say, how things happen around here.

Around here, we keep fixing cars past the point that it makes sense to do so, because we can't stand the thought of the process involved in their replacement. When they cough, we give them a lozenge and turn up the radio. Eventually there comes a point where all the duct tape in the world won't put off the inevitable any longer, and then Our Friend George usually knows somebody willing to sell us another clunker for $500. We buy it, register it, have about a week and a half of peace of mind, then start the whole process again from the beginning.

This is how we wound up with Chuck (TFT). This is also, by the way, more or less how we wound up with the AssVac. And let me tell you, there isn't enough duct tape in the world...

I am holding out a very small hope that maybe, possibly, sometime in 2008, I might, maybe, possibly, be in a position to buy myself my very first off-the-lot new car. I know what I want. I even happen to have heard on Car Talk that it was voted best something-or-other -- so it might, maybe, possibly not prove to be the Worst Decision That I Ever Made. Or even Second Worst. Ahem.

But when the time comes, if the time comes, I'll be asking Dad for help. Because -- that Someone whom I referenced above?

Really Not Me.


su said...

Hey there ain't nutten wrong with tying the muffler up with bailing twine and heading off for vacation with the family of 5!

cuz donna said...

I second that motion; except with a family of 8! The smoke only bothered 'em when we hit a red light... said...

Car dealers make most of their money on the financing. Before you go in to buy a car, get a copy of your credit report and find out your score. If your score is over 700 you can shop around and wait till one of the companies has a 0%APR financing offer (usually for a 2 year period). When I bought my Toyota a few years ago the dealer tried to tell me that I didn't qualify for the 0%APR, I did and I had to FIGHT for it. I got it. They will try to talk you into the highest % they think you will buy into because...they make more on that financing (the banks pay back a signing bonus & portion to the dealer).

su said...

I luv you cuz D

EGE said...

Thanks for the advice, ILU. As it turns out, SWINM wrote me -- by email, cuz it was private-like -- to report that it was not, in fact a new car that she bought. She works in insurance, and her experience in that led her to believe New Cars Are Dumb.

So between that and ILU's advice, I just saved myself probably at least ten thousand dollars right there.

Hey, maybe I deserve a vacation!