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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Some More Things the Young Lady Picked Up In Her Travels

Guess what's in the bag?

Ta da!

I had to get a honking load of them, because pretty soon Christmas will be over and they won't be making Peppermint Peep Stars anymore.

Except one of these things is not like the others.

I really wanted the Uncle Ben's kind, but nobody seems to carry it these days. I haven't been able to find it in forever. I wonder if they even make it anymore?

(Oh, you may have also seen this in the background there.

Because we were running low.

Toilet paper. Don't leave the grocery store without it!)

These may not be necessary, after all.

But I picked them up anyway because, from all I've read, by the time we really need them they may not even make them anymore. When that time comes, remind me that I have them around here somewhere, will you please?

And, last but not least: this is not a penny.

It's an Oirish pence (and yes, that was a typo, but I'm leaving it because how could I not?). I definitely did not pick it up on my travels. I don't know where it came from.

But I am absolutely certain that they don't make Irish pences anymore.


MD said...

Maybe it was stuck to your bum from last summer!

jen said...

what md said? That was funny. I laughed right out loud!!
I looked all over the place for the peppermint stars, but alas all I found was the christmas trees and the snowmen. Boo. Im going to keep looking, though. I don't give up on sweets that easily!!

Leslie said...

I cracked up about the TP. "Low" to me means that the very generous amount of space allocated to TP in each of the bathrooms is less than half full, and there is only one additional jumbo-pack waiting in the laundry room.

EGE said...

Yeah, they didn't have the twenty pack at the store that day, so I bought the twelve.

The store I was at yesterday had the twenty-pack, so I bought it, too.

Just in case.

EGE said...

OH, and jen -- I have found the peppermint stars in the holiday candy aisle at the grocery store. They don't have any other peeps there, just these. And I've never seen them at, say, CVS, where they have the other kinds.

It's very odd.

Janice said...

mmm, is this a dumb question? What are those things you don't need yet but they might not make any more when you do need them?

jen said...

yeah. what ARE those things you need?

cake said...

Oh good, other people already asked...cuz I can't tell what's in the second last pic, either.

(We don't have those peppermint peep things in Canada...woe!)

Khurston said...

I don't find the stars either! so for christmas brunch i expect you to bring
1. the spanish fritata previously discussed and
2. one package of star shaped peppermint peeps.

Stephanie said...

They have never heard of any kind of peep here. How do you even EXPLAIN a peep?