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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oops. Yeah. Sorry, Everybody.

I forget that you're not all up in this like I am.


Are new steam-vents, or air-valves, or whatever-things, for the radiators. They already don't make the kind I have, so I couldn't get replacement screws, so instead I got three whole new venter-things. I actually have eight radiators, but these three air-jobs cost $25.17, and since I walked in there thinking I was going to be spending maybe a dollar on some screws, I just wasn't prepared for going the entire hog.

Speaking of which, I went ahead just now and shimmed the hammering radiator in the bedroom ("Speaking of which," I suppose, because the radiator is a hog? I don't know. Why are you listening that closely to the things I say?). The Hammering Radiator -- heh, I should've thought to nickname it John Henry before I fixed it.

At least I hope I fixed it. I shimmed it, anyway. Did it by myself, too. Johnny and I managed to rake the yard in under two hours this morning without getting in a fight, and we still have the "other kitchen project" hanging over us this afternoon. We started it last night, but we didn't read the directions ahead of time and it turns out there's only one step you can get done before you have to give the whole thing a twelve-hour break. Which will now be more like eighteen hours. But who cares?

So anyway, what with the whole marital-harmony thing we've got going on and the hours yet to spend in close confinement, I didn't want to be a nag. I asked him once, and when he didn't move I determined to determine if I could lift the thing myself.

I found I could, and so I did. It involved shimmying the shims into position with my toes, and the end result, if I may say so, looks like hell...

... but I wasn't about to trim them down and make them pretty when I don't even know for certain that they'll work. If I wake up tomorrow to the sound of pounding nothing, then I'll start to think about how to gussy up those cedar shakes.

Perhaps a bit of decoupage? A pretty, stenciled, floral border?

Oh, so really, utterly, completely and absolutely NOT!

Were you frightened for a second there?

I was.


janice said...

looks to me as if you only need one, turned 90 deg to the way you have them - and cut a bit shorter - then you just need to put a clear gloss (or matt) coat on and it will look just like your floor - or pertty close.

Muskego Jeff said...

Be careful not to over-tighten them when you install them. If I remember correctly, the threads are tapered so it only goes in so far. A little thread tape would also be a good idea.

The slope in the radiator is important, but if I understand how it's supposed to work properly, you also need a slight slope in the supply line for the water to drain back.

Thanks for the John Henry reference - it made me put on "John Henry" by Johnny Cash - always welcome music on a crappy snowy afternoon!

EGE said...

Janice -- I was thinking EXACTLY that I could stain them and poly to match the floor! But I either do need both of them (which I could of course cut them shorter), or else I need to find some other piece of something. These are just leftover cedar shakes, and they're thinner on one end than on the other -- if I turned one sideways, then the two radiator feet would not be even.

Again, they're just what I managed to lay hands on at the moment. I didn't feel like putting any effort in until I knew whether or not it would work.

I sure hope I don't have to go crawling in the floorspace to fiddle with the pipe. If I do, then I'm all set to blame Muskego Jeff for mentioning the possiblity.

Then I'll lay down my hammer and I'll die, die, die...

Muskego Jeff said...

You won't have to, it'll be fine and work perfectly, with no hammering. Maybe.