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Monday, December 31, 2007

What I Pulled Out of My Butt This Morning

For Christmas, my mother gave me about a dozen pairs of sleep pants and pyjamas. At first this made me nervous – I thought maybe I was dying and no one had told me – but then I decided it meant I was Collette: as long as I’m at home, there is no need for me to be dressed. Or vertical.

So that is how I spent my weekend. Friday night I wore the plaid flannel red-and-black pair; Saturday I wore the plaid flannel red-and-grey; and yesterday I wore plaid flannel red-and-white. (Hm, I seem to be sensing a pattern here. Maybe I am not Collette. Maybe I’m the Brawny version.)

Yesterday, I didn’t even take a shower. But I did this morning. And when I did, right there in the you-know of my ample mm-hm I found a note that read “Inspected by number 34.”

Sheesh. And I slept through it.

Well, if they left a note then I guess that means I passed.


Ladyscot said...

I'm snorting from laughing so hard!
Congratulations on passing!!

Stephanie said...

Maaan - Alien adbuction? I bet it was the little green men! Congrats on passing though :)

Sparkle Plenty said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EGE!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ayeh. That's my pink luggage.)


su said...

I hope it was inspector #34 and not 34 inspectors! And aren't you proud that you had on new clean jammys while being inspected? MD is sooo proud

EGE said...

Lady -- snort on, sister!

Steph -- actually, this note is to everybody else: go to steph's blog and watch the alien cartoon!

Sparkle -- HNY to you! And welcome Lily-dog! May she never bring you a concussion like Charlie did my mom.

And Mom -- Yup. No undies, but at least I had clean comfie pjs. Phew!

theotherbear said...

This is just so funny. It seems like such an appropriate way to end my work day (reading this post, not being inspected by #34) that I am packing up now and having an early mark. (Thanks for the inspiration of a good excuse to go home early).