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Friday, December 21, 2007

I Deeply Apologize and Humbly Bow From the Waist

I was wrong.

The winner.


What's even worse than the fact that I completely forgot about this Best Christmas Song Ever, is that, before I met the Dirty Boy, Robert Earl used to be my Secret Boyfriend. Heck, we were together for almost ten years, going back to before I met Johnny. I once bought half-a-dozen Shiner Bocks and pranced myself backstage at La Zona Rosa by telling the bouncer I was getting beers for Robert and his band. It was not a lie. I gave the beers to the band. Five of them, anyway. Robert Earl saw the long-stemmed flower someone had bought me on the sidewalk and I'd stuck in the belt loop of my faded button-flies, and he chortled and told me that I had Rose Hips. He's a chortler. He was drunk. So was I. I was also a lot cuter then. But he was married. He still is. And now I am, too. Sigh.

Anyway, "Merry Christmas From The Family." It wins.

And I am, yet again, an idiot.

Thanks, Charlie.


Leslie said...

Oh blast it to bloody muck. I've been drowning in end-of-semester plus family drama hell, and I didn't see this contest. Because THIS is the winner:

And this is from a Jew who is suck to freakin' death of Christmas music, and who still watched that at least 10 times because it made me laugh. Plus I love a capella music and tight harmonies.

Leslie said...

Um, make that SICK to death, not SUCK to death, though the concept is intriguing...

phaz said...


Stephanie said...



I forgot about that one too!