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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh My God, Robert So Totally Wins AGAIN!

And not just because he's the only one who entered, either. I do believe if I had a hundred entries, I would still have chosen this, because it made me jump back and kiss myself.
Still does, every time I read it.

You try!

Once there was one Elephant--
Forgot to use the telephant.
No! No! I mean one Elephone--
Forgot to use the telephone.
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I've got it right.)

Howe'er it was (this is no gag)
He gave no thanks for all his swag;
There was so much he got for free,
And, think, it might have come to me!
(I fear as poet I'm a spaz
but Prudence must drop Eliphaz!)

with apologies to Laura Richards.

Jump, kiss. See? Can't drop him, though. He ain't heavy...

Robert: send me your address private-like and I will pick out something silly just for you. And don't you go gettin' all Winehouse on me, either. I meant what I said and I said what I meant, a Prudence keeps her word, one hundred percent.


su said...

send him a pudding and some beets and eggs that is very silly

jen said...

Sometimes I wish that the people who commented had a blog. OR were at least my friends. Because I already have a crush on Robert, and su is funny tu.
Yay Robert!!
And now I will compose HIM a poem:

Robert is a winner. Tis very plain to see.
His Elephony poem is very dear to me.
For when I was in kindergarten, just a wee cave dweller,
we read from a primer, twas called the Blue Back Speller.
And, all the time I think about a poem that was in it.
But, never could remember the poet who did spit it.
And, now I know; Im glad as could be.
I think Robert did that just for me.
(and also to win TWO prizes...he's kinda greedy)

Janice said...

yeah, i was thinking of entering the contest but didn't bother after i read robert's - probably why there was only one entry

Tara said...

Mmmmm beet puddin' and favorite. THERE you posts on houseblogs (and I'm blonde so I can't see stuff unless you put it right in front of me green side up...)

EGE said...

Hey, Tara! Thanks for trekkin' me out. I've been trying not to push my luck with the houseblogs thing -- but hm... Perhaps I ought to say something about the AssVac before everybody goes away for Christmas.


Robert said...

Thank you! I'm blushing, although probably not quite as much as I would have been if it hadn't been pointed out that I'm kinda greedy. :) And EGE, for whatever you are sending, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. It's just what I wanted. Well, that and to not be Eliphaz'd.

su said...

"Just what I wanted I'll wear it tomorrow."
The phrase drilled into the kiddos every birthday and Christmas before visiting the fossils.