It's not about the house.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Also, This

This, this is my lap. In my bed. With my big down comforter.

That, that big point at the top of the frame, that is my injured foot. Elevated. On three pillows.

These, these are my cats. The front one is Him and He is Stupid. He is kneading me and drooling. The back one is Her and She is Mean. She is stubborning herself into a no-budge ball and hating Him for being close enough to touch Her.

They are fourteen years old. They have not shared a square yard, let alone a lap, since they were kittens. But Mama had been laid up for a couple days at this point. She'd been missing her regular 5:00 a.m. please-don't-lay-on-the-keyboard appointments with Dodo in the office and her 9:00 p.m. pet-me-no-don'ts in the living room with Sister.

So the mountains came to Mohammed.

Her lap, to be precise.

Both of them.


Oh yeah, PS, that, in the top-right of the top picture, that is my laundry. It has been there since before I hurt myself. It will be there after. So?


Sparkle Plenty said...

Holy guacamole! I look away for three seconds and all of this schtuff goes down.

1) Your husband is a handsome, handsome cuss!
2) Him and Her are adorable. I especially like Him's Charlie Chaplin/Magnum PI/Burt Reynolds/who the heck does this cat remind me of 'stache.
3) What on earth did you do to your poor foot? Hope it's better soon! Does it help to apply those ice pop thingies to it?
4) What did David Sedaris read? Does he have a new book? Was he just up there scatting and ad libbing and speechifying?

Ladyscot said...

Hope you're up and about and all heeled soon!

EGE said...

1. I know, and Irish to boot!
2. Thanks for not saying Hitler. Everybody says Hitler.
3. I tripped running for (no joke) Halloween candy. I have a candy injury. Ice pops help, but not as much as more candy does. Yeah, I've gained a pound or two since I've been down.
4. He read from a book he has coming out in June, something that will be in the New Yorker in a few weeks, something that got rejected by This American Life (see, even David Sedaris gets rejected by TAL!) and some exerpts from his diary. Nothing I'd ever heard or read before, in other words, and all hysterical.

Ladyscot -- Was that a joke or a typo? Either way, I think it's punny! (Oh, no, I did not just go THERE! I'm obviously out of practice.)

Khurston said...

Hmm, i guess i never really got a good look at dodo from that angle before...

EGE said...

Ha! Okay, so maybe He doesn't look quite so much like Hitler after all. (PS you have WAY too much time on your hands).

Ladyscot said...

That was an inadvertant pun. Ok, so let's call it what it was...a typo. But it fit quite well. Ha, I'm just full of puns today.