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Monday, November 26, 2007

He Didn't Do It.

He says "somebody" told him to use "special marine caulk" if he wants to do it right. He says "special marine caulk" costs $28 a tube.

He's going to get a tube of special marine caulking right ... through ... his ... skull.

He's got it coming.

He's got it coming!

He's had it coming all week long.

I'm gonna do it.

And when I've done it,

You'll all agree that it was not wrong.


Khurston said...


Muskego Jeff said...

Cheap caulk is bad caulk when it comes to showers. I'm currently wearing my renovation pants which I got some good caulk on (while caulking a shower!) over two years ago. It's still flexible and won't come off, even after dozens of washings. It was probably $7-8 for a tube.

I haven't used "marine" caulk, but I believe I've seen it used in shower pan applications in the past. Expensive, but supposedly very good.

jen said...

ahhhhh, Johnny!! He hasnt let me down not a once!