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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey, Housebloggers!

So it turns out that not everyone at wants to read about my poop and dental problems. I mean, my dental problems and my poop -- not my poop problems. Not my poop, either, actually, but all the kinds of poop I manage to find myself in the middle of before I know what hit me. Well, not in the middle of, exactly. Or hit me, either, for that matter.

Not everybody wants to read this garbage, if you can imagine.

So the good folks at have set up a program (not just for me; apparently there are other folks out there posting on poop and dental problems) whereby if I type the word "Houseblogs" waaaay down at the bottom of the post (you see it down there? it's green), then the post will show up on their website. If I don't, it won't.

And I'm only allowed to do that if the post is somehow marginally related to my actual, you know, house. Or, not necessarily my house, but houses or housing. Or anything related to it like heat or gas or oil. Contractors or insulation. Stripping paint off woodwork for two freaking years. Even the President of the United States of America if he happens to mention any of the above. But not if he mentions poop, or dental problems.


For those of you who come here from and are relieved by this development, I deeply apologize and humbly bow from the waist.

For those who come from and actually, due to some old head injury or something, sincerely want to read about my poop and dental problems -- if you get a kick out of my silly poems, stupid pictures and etcetera -- may I suggest that you subscribe (using that big orange button over there --->) or else bookmark me for perusing at your own discretion?

And for those of you who come to me from elsewhere, carry on. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Or his poop.

Or dental problems.

10 comments: said...

Not sure I like the sound of this change on their part. I enjoy going to that site and choosing to click or not click on ALL posts. I do a lot of home DECOR type posts and someone complained (in my comments) that I wasn't a 'real' house blog. Umm, scuse me?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Bring on the poop talk - I love it all!

Great blog!


jen said...

Hey. Im here for the poop. Plain and simple.

Muskego Jeff said...

You have a house? I must have missed that post. Are you doing any renovation to it? :)

Khurston said...

or stripping any woodwork, perchance?

EGE said...

ILU -- I know, it's kind of stinky to be like "well, you're finished now, so buh-bye," but I do understand readers not wanting to wade through the poop jokes. They did say home decor was allowed, though, so poop on whoever complained to you!

WWW -- welcome! Thanks! I'll be adding yours to my list, too.

Jen -- poop poop poop!

Muskego -- shuddup, you.

Khurston -- ditto!

MP said...

So if the cats poop on the newly refinished floors...... does that count?

EGE said...

I say yes.

jm said...

I would say, yep. Cats pooping on newly refinished floors definitely count. :)

EGE said...

Hey, JM, way to chime in on the poop talk!