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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For Jen

There, now don't you wish YOU won the contest so you'd know what was so freakin' funny?

You'll just have to try harder next time! We'll do this again real soon...


Charlie said...

Seriously, you HAVE TO EXPLAIN the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or no more presents for you EVER

jen said...

I LOVE The Flaming Lips, too, so BONUS!!!

EGE said...

Okay Charlie, I was waiting until Jen saw it and now I will explain. Still might not be funny, but next time if you win I will do one for you and you will laugh and laugh...

Jen has a big fat mind-crush on Chuck Klosterman (at least I assume it's just a mind-crush because, seriously, look at him. If that's not Corey Feldman's geeky older brother with chicken-skin for arms than I don't know what it is. But I should talk. Sooner or later my book will come out and then I'll be forced to take an author photo and then (if I'm lucky) people will start saying mean things about me in their blogs. So never mind. He's quite handsome).

The second picture is funny because she calls her husband Big Hands -- partly because she knows he's the one, and partly because her sister (I think?) decided that he has giant hands. Which come in hand because he a cool rock and roll guy in a cool rock and roll band (though I just realized I don't know what he plays -- bass?). But to be perfectly honest I did not know that was the Flaming Lips when I posted the picture. I just thought it was a funny picture of a guy with giant hands.

And I owe Jen apologies for having made fun of her musical tastes in the past. She is officially Way Cooler Than Me.

Even if she does want to make out with Corey Feldman.