It's not about the house.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Phone Works!

Nobody came or anything, it just started working again on its own.

Cable's out now, though. And Comcast isn't answering their phone.

We should start a pool on what the next disaster's going to be.

Although no cable hardly counts as a disaster. Unless you're laid up with a twisted ankle. And no phone. But oh yeah the phone works now. So I guess I'm grateful. Yeah, that's it. Thanks.


Tara said...

OUCH! I'm sorry you broke yourself in your hurry to keep the wee goblins and ghosties supplied with candy! I hope they appreciated it.

You have excellent taste in candy...I ate a bag of Almond Joys on Halloween. One for you, one two three for me! They're full of coconut...that's a it's GOOD for me.

EGE said...

Mmmm. Coconut...

I seriously just thought about sending Johnny out for Almond Joys (because, you know, I'm broken and all, so he loves me and will do things for me now), but then I remembered that I have four bags of candy that I sacrificed my foot for! Rats.