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Monday, November 5, 2007

How I Spent My Injured Reserve

Yesterday -- or the day before I forget; one of these however-many days I've wasted lying in bed with one foot on three pillows and alternating between "America's Next Top Model" marathons (yeesh) and unnecessary naps that bleed into eventual bedtimes -- poor Johnny made the mistake of checking in on his way to the pub to see if I needed him to bring me anything from the world beyond. I told him he looked particularly handsome right that moment, and he should go get me my camera so I could take his handsome picture.

He acted all put-out about it, but I ask you: could he not have simply told me no and left the house? Could he not have been halfway to Concord before I crutched my sorry way into the office for the camera myself?

So wherefore this frightening first shot?

Yeesh, man. If you don't want your picture taken, say so, but don't try to break the camera with your eyes!

I told him to face the wall, he gave me this:

Now he's just being silly. I believe he actually fluttered those lashes.

Then followed three or four more pictures where every time I clicked the shutter (or whatever you call it with these newfangled digity things), he open his mouth to speak:

That's him, looking away from the wall at the last minute and starting to say "can I go now?" Ain't he clever? He thinks so. You can see it in his eyes. Which are blue, by the way, despite how they look here.

This, I think, is finally the shot I was aiming for. Except for the pinchedness in his lips, which is a direct result of me shushing him when he started to speak. Anyway, ain't he handsome?

"Now can I go to the pub?"

Yes, dear. Go.

Bring Diet Coke.


cuz donna said...

awww he is a handsome devil. I was surprised to see he kept the short hair!

EGE said...

He lets it grow over the winter and cuts it in the spring. Beard, too. This is only the beginning...

Ladyscot said...

The first year I was married my (now longtime ex) husband grew a beard "just for the winter". 29 years later he still has it, and our daughter wouldn't recognize him if he shaved it!

EGE said...

We were scared of Dad when he shaved his beard -- but we were only like five years old!

Chemgirl1681 said...

True Story....I've only seen my Dad without he beard in pictures and he looked very goofy...I think I'd laugh if he ever shaved it!

jen said...

he IS cute. Though NOTHING like what I thought he would look like. Now take pics of you!! I love to see if Im right!! So glad you took those!! I now have an image!! I can actually SEE Johnny tiling my bathroom!!

I am so sorry you hurt yourself, though. Did I say that already?

EGE said...

Hey ChemGirl, long time!

And Jen, it will be a LONG time before I post pictures of myself. Unless I come home drunk from someplace I dressed up pretty for.

For now, let's just say I look exactly like you pictured, only probably with a bigger butt.

Mommie Dearest said...

We've been waiting 2 years for a promised "couple" photo to put with the sibs to no avail. Good luck all

EGE said...

2 years? Liar! You asked me in May!