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Monday, November 5, 2007

A Verse Belately

I started writing a whole parody of "The Raven" but was only 1/4 of the way through it (that sucker is long!) when I hurt myself. I wish I could say it was a poetry injury but, alas, twas not.

I've been down for a few days, long enough that "The Raven" doesn't seem appropriate anymore. But I still owe Mommie D. a poem. So here goes:

It's been a week, I bet that most
Of you forgot about the post
That I titled "Rare and Radiant"
And asked you to be expedient
Telling where I got that phrase.
I thought it would take you days
But, from her Pine Tree Stately haven,
Mommie Dearest guessed The Raven.
(Tho she signed herself Mom Pom--
Whate'er she's called, she's still my mom)

Ta da! I'll write a real post later. Because I know y'all are suffering for lack of witty little me.


MD said...

So sorry that you're broke and sore
At least you are not cold or poor
I send my love ere states galore
Quothe the mother

Khurston said...