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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are You There, God? It's Me...

Oh my god this is such an inside joke that none of you are going to understand at all and probably wouldn't think it was funny if I explained it, but trust me when I tell you that Khurston is pissing herself right now.

Jen, I'll think of something silly for you and post it later, but now I'm really going to go hang that curtain rod. Really. Swear to god.

Whoops, PS, the battery on the cordless drill is dead. Guess it's more pumpkin bread and ANTM for me for a couple hours!


mp said...

yuppers and the chair says Kevin.. Poor kid will be soooo confused

Khurston said...

excuse me i need some new pants...

Chris said...

You got me too!
Now where are those pants?

EGE said...

Just in case anybody's still trying to figure this out -- Khurston's my sister, Chris is her husband, and MP is my mom. There's nobody here who got the joke just by reading it.

Okay fine, I'll tell you -- but I'm warning you, not funny:

Khurston & Chris love LL Bean. Mom loathes paying full price for anything. So Mom. who lives in Maine, goes to the outlet store and buys them monogrammed seconds.

They have a big canvas bag that says Margaret, a little rocking chair that says Kevin, and now a new blue nylon bag named Julie. We call them all by their names just like they were regular people, and so does their three-year-old daughter.

Margaret holds the toys when my niece stays over with me. When she gets bored I'll say "Where's Margaret?", and she'll run over to the LL Bean bag and fish herself out a toy.

Hence: "Are you there God, it's me... Margaret."

See? I told you. Hysterical.