It's not about the house.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Pilgrim's Progress

I know you're all just dying for me to follow up with some old posts and tell you how they've all turned out -- to update you on my idiosity, as it were. Since I’m still not reporting -- and I’m questionable for next week, too -- this seemed as good a time as any to comb through the archives and tie up some loose ends. So without any further ado I shall begin, and update you as they occur to me throughout the day:

Least, but not last: This post about my cell phone beeping.

Turns out you can shut it off. Who knew?

I left it at my Dad’s two weeks ago, and when I got it back last weekend the screen was black. I figured the battery had finally died-died-died, but even after charging for an entire day, the screen was black. I hit every button on there – including the one marked “power,” twice – but still, black.

I picked up the house phone to call the company to tell them their doo-dad was a piece of shit and they had better send me a new one right away even though I never really wanted the damn thing in the first place, then I thought “No, I’ll call my dad. Maybe he did something to it that he'll know how to undo.” Then I thought “No, I’ll email Dad, because if I call him at work he always panics and thinks I've been thrown in jail or killed or something.”

I went into the office to email Dad, and that's when I saw the empty box the phone had come in. And that's when I thought “Hm, do you think perhaps the manual would address this sort of issue?”

And that's when I learned you have to hold the power button down until the screen comes on.

I fixed it!

I'll write updates on old posts throughout the next few days -- some of them might even be about the house. So if you've been wondering how something I wrote about turned out, post a comment and inquire. Chances are the answer is "We haven't gotten around to it yet," but I can think of at least a dozen different ways to say that.


MP said...

Daddy's sentiments exactly. When all else fails, read the directions!

Janice said...

Oh, Read The Fancy Manual (that's the Nana version of what RTFM means) but don't do it *too* often will you? I do love my daily read of your travails....

Janice said...

And did you ever let us in on WHY you got a cell phone? or is that still a deep dark secret?

EGE said...

Hey, Janice, long time!

So noted. I will put Why I Got The Cell Phone on my list of Things To Update You About.