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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Spare Rod

I found this:

You probably can't tell, but it's the curtain rod that I didn't believe was really in the attic. For the picture's sake, I laid it down on my dining room table, which I didn't bother to clear off. That next to it is the box my Partridge Family CD came in. That piece of paper on the other side is the instructions to mancala, which just turned up yesterday out of the blue and neither of us know from where. That on the top left is, yup, a can of WD-40. And I thought the sparkles at top right were two five-gallon jugs of homemade wine that have been there since, oh, when did we move in? But I was wrong. The sparkles at top right are actually the big-ass glazed ceramic flowerpot that the umbrella tree is in. The umbrella tree is dying, really dying this time, and it isn't my fault any more because Johnny took it away from me when it started dying in the spring. Oh well, at least the pot is nice and sparkly.

What was I saying? Oh yeah.

I didn't believe the curtain rod was really in the attic but it was. I found it. Right at the top of the stairs. Right where Johnny said it would be.

He said he'd hang it yesterday, but he didn't get around to it. That's okay. People are being mean to him these days in ways he doesn't even know about, so I'm just lovin' on him and letting him take lots of naps. Except I didn't let him watch House last night, which is like one of his favorites, but I think it's stupid this season and anyway, I was listening to the Partridge Family really loud.

I should have let him watch his show. He's gone to work already. I'll hang the rod up in a minute.

In the meantime: Did anybody out there get the Judy Blume reference I made yesterday morning, or was that just a private little joke for me? I don't remember which book it was from, I don't even know why I remember the reference in question, except maybe when I first read it I had to look up the word.

Anyway, if you got it, flaunt it. If you can fill me in on what book it came from, so much the better. Anyone that helps me is a real good friend of mine (that's not the reference I'm talking about, that there's the Partridge Family) and I'll do something silly for you later!


jen said...

If you would just ITALIcize the references you make, I would not always feel like such a moron. Especially since Im up to my EYEBALLS in Judy Blume these days...Double Fudge, anyone??

Khurston said...

oh crumbs i can't remember which book either. the one where the young girl explores her budding sexuality as she approaches adolescence?
but i know it's the bordello reference. her teacher has a pink and black bathroom and the girl (margaret? sally?) thinks that is the height of elegance. she mentions it to her parents and her dad says it sounds like a bordello.
now that you mention it, your bathroom does have a 'chicken ranch' flavor to it. hee

EGE said...

If nobody gets it, I'll italicize it later -- don't want to make these things TOO easy!

EGE said...

Whoops! Khurston got it just as I was typing that. Yay, Khurston!

Now, who can tell us both which book it's from? Please? Jen? Eyeballs?

jen said...

Are you there God? Its Me, Margaret, or some thing like that which I TOTALLY REFERENCED in my own blog a couple of weeks ago. DEAR GOD< WHY AM I SUCH A GOON????

EGE said...

HA! I missed it!

mp said...