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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wrong. Wrong-wrong. Wrong In So Many Ways. Just Wrong.

From the National Geographic Christmas catalog (and, by the way, one of the cheapest things in there at nearly $50). All emphasis mine because, my lord:

Remote-controlled Tarantulas
Did you know that not all tarantulas are brown? The cobalt blue tarantula lives in Thailand, and a tarantula with blue-green legs and a bright orange abdomen is found in Venezuela. No matter what color, spiders are one of the creepiest crawlers out there, and now you can control one yourself. Because their eight legs move separately, be prepared for screams when one scuttles realistically from beneath the table.

Included: educational fun fact; two tarantulas, one of each color
Required: 2 AAA and 3 AA batteries, not included
7'' leg span
Ages 6 and up


I wonder is it warrantied against smashing with a hammer?

If you're a right freak and therefore so inclined, you can buy it here. But then don't ever speak to me again.


Anonymous said...

My son has a similar one of those he got for Xmas last year, with fuzzy legs. It's pretty realistic and freaky.

Stephanie said...

Okay. So...the other day at work, my boss was saying, " was a Huntsman, so I left it alone. I figure it'll get rid of the other insects."

"What's a Huntsman?" I asked.

"You might find them in your house, but they're not poisonous."

He helpfully sent a link. They're not poisonous, but...

"It is very common to have huntsman spiders in urban areas, and the spiders will come inside your house.

These large spiders move very quickly, they are hairy with long legs. They often shock people who are not from Australia, as Australia has a reputation for dangerous creatures. Due to their size and speed, they do manage to intimidate a lot of people. I once heard an Australian comedian mention his fear of spiders, he mentioned that he knows the Huntsman spiders are not dangerous, but how could we not be scared of them when they have been given the name Hunts... Man....!. However, these spiders are harmless. The spiders can measure up to 15 cms wide from leg to leg. They have a flat body, which is useful for them to crawl underneath bark and other such hiding places."

Mommie Dearest said...

I saw them and I tryly planned to buy them for you and Dad until I realized they were 4 inches wide..I suppose to have the mechanics to move they had to be that big. I loved the remote figured you could have races

EGE said...

SBG- all the more reason to smash it with a hammer!

Steph -- oh my god. You have to come home.

Mom -- not 4 inches, SEVEN! That would have scared both of us to DEATH!

MD said...

However, the rest of us would have peed ourselves laughing! Remember the snake I put in Dad's stocking?

jen said...

If I were wont to spend FIFTY DOLLARS on something so ridiculous, I would totally buy that for Holden. I dont mind the spider.
BUT, your friendship means too much to me, so I will not be getting those stocking stuffers.
Also? SuperBlond came to you from my blog. Thats so awesome.