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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Closet Case

Next: an update on the state of this beautiful closet that I ballsed up and Johnny fixed and finished for me.

He keeps asking what I plan to do with it, what I plan to put in there, and I keep saying I don't know but something, that's for sure! And then I keep on not.

He keeps making suggestions, and I keep nixing them. Mostly because he has a gift for filling available space with useless crap and I figure the useless crap may as well be in the attic or basement. I'd much rather fill this handy space with crap that's actually useful.

In the meantime, though, actual crap it is.

Still a kitty loo. Which, on the scale of use-i-ness, I'd have to say leans more towards -less than -ful. But it's getting to the point where I can't imagine where I'd put the cat box if I took it out.

Is there anything that could go in there with it? The only thing that springs happily to mind are tax files. But I'm not that organized. These here are my tax files, I shit you not. This manila envelope thumbtacked to the wall behind my desk:

And they really don't take up a lot of room.


cuz donna said...

put the kitty loo in the basement so you can use that nice closet!

EGE said...

Oh no, there's too much poison and danger down there for kitty-cats.

I like the thought, though. Maybe when football season's over -- meaning (ahem) mid-February -- I'll take myself down there on a quiet Sunday afternoon and clean it out.

Now that I mention it, I really ought to do the attic, too...

Hey, the Celtics are looking pretty good this year! Do they play on Sunday afternoons?

jen said...

Hey. Hows about I ship you some of my mothers crap to fill that closet. We may be able to get like 1/10th of it in there!!

braveheart said...

How 'bout you put yer laundry in there?