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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Johnny CLEANED the Bathroom

He really did! I asked him, now that he was finished in there and since (oh yeah, the bad news is) he isn't working, if he would please, finally, sweep up the plaster dust and mop, since neither of those things had been done since he started to finish this project for real in -- well, I've been saying August but probably September. We had the family over on September 9th, and I can't imagine I didn't sweep and mop before they came. Can you?

I didn't think so.

So he did it!



(I don't know what that brown line down the middle is. It must be from my camera. Trust me when I insist that it isn't actually in my bathroom.)

He spent all day in there. He was gearing up to start when I left for work, and when I got home he was still at it. It's why he didn't hear the postman at the door and why I have to go to Braintree on my way to the dentist's this morning to pick up my Very Special and Perishable and Fragile package. Braintree, by the way, is not on the way to the dentist's office.

But I digress.

This is Johnny's style. He goes to town on things. If he's making a Chinese stir-fry, he actually coats all the little pieces of pork in cornstarch and deep-fries them first. It's yummy -- really yummy -- but I tend to read that part in the recipe, think "yeah, right," and toss the raw bits in the wok with all the vegetables. And I'm exaggerating when I say I read the recipe.

So when Johnny cleans, he really cleans. Yesterday, I asked him to get the plaster off the floor, and he went and got an air gun to blow the crap out from between the radiator coils. (He had the sterile balls to come out and say to me: "I don't think that place has been really cleaned since we moved in!" and I wanted to punch him in the nose -- until he mentioned about the air gun and then I had to admit that no, I had never actually done that.)

Then he kept going:


So now it's all sparkly-like from floor to ceiling, both included. I even put up the new shower curtain rod that I bought at Lowe's last week.

It's black. Very classy. Just like a bordello.

Now the last step is to replace this disease-ridden thing that holds the second shower curtain up over the window:

It really has been there since we moved in. One of those things we didn't replace because "why buy something now when we're going to be doing the bathroom over soon enough?"

Johnny says that when I bought the curtain rods for the living room last year (on which more later), I bought an extra one and it's in the attic somewhere. He keeps saying he'll go up and find it. At first I couldn't go myself because I couldn't walk, and now it's started to become A Principle. To be honest, I'm not actually sure that it exists.

But that's the thing: for all the thoroughness of the job he does once he actually does it, it can take a while for him to gear up to kick off. Those chinese stir-fries he makes so yummily? We're usually not eating them until at least ten o'clock.

So yeah, maybe this afternoon, when I come home from the (other bad news) dentist's, I'll wander up there and see if I can't dig it up.

Anybody wanna place a bet?


Muskego Jeff said...

"Very classy. Just like a bordello."

Yeah, 'cause when a guy wants to pay to get his groove on, class matters!

jen said...

seriously. Send that man HERE! I hate cleaning the loo!!