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Friday, November 2, 2007

Me Foot Pretty Today

On the one hand: I have tickets to David Sedaris at Symphony Hall tonight. Tickets I have attempted to procure every year for the last five but failed repeatedly because they go on sale three months before I even know the date's been set. Tickets I finally got this year as a gift for my birthday in July, and which I have had thumbtacked to the wall above my desk and caressed every day since mid-September.

On the other hand: If I don't keep my foot higher than my heart, it turns all purply-red and swells up like a football with toes. If I've been wearing the brace I'm supposed to wear, there are even little seams.

So what do you guys think I ought to do?

And what do you think I will do?


I'll tell Mr. Sedaris y'all said hi. If anybody calls, tell them I'm sleeping.


Stephanie said...

You better be there! Wish I'd seen this sooner... As a former theatre (notice how I spell it with the 're' to denote fancy theatre, like the live kind and not the movie kind) manager (okay, assistant manager, but I had to deal with exactly this sort of thing)I can tell you that if you legitimately show up injured to something, they'll do the best then can to accommodate you and your OW-y foot if you're nice to them and they can.

PS - So jealous!

Amy Turn Sharp said...

So sorry-
I also always miss him when he comes to my town
and I have loved him always
npr and the santalnd diaries
feel better

EGE said...

It just so happened we had aisle seats anyway, and pretty close to the door. But the manager-man took my crutches away so I wouldn't have to deal with them (and for fire safety reasons) and whisked them back in to me when the show was over.

DS was hysterical!