It's not about the house.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Somebody came to my blog today from somewhere in the Netherlands. I'm not quite sure I understand this, and if anyone out there speaks Dutch and can explain to me what this Google thinger says and why I'm on it, it would be greatly appreciated...

But in the meantime, following the click-leads, I discovered that there is a new picture of the AssVac on the town assessor's website, and so I've replaced my header photo.

Please to compare (or cf., as it were).



Purdy, ain't it?

Okay, maybe I exaggerated on the "trees" that have grown up along the side -- but they're much bushier with leaves on them.

And that's Chuck (TFT) parked out front.

We hate him.


Stephanie said...

Ah - that particular part of the google thinger doesn't mean a whole lot. It's an image-google.

Old House Gazette said...

From what I could read of it, someone in The Netherlands did a search for something that returned a picture of the house. Specifically, the original picture:

Then they clicked on "Images Like", "links like", or whatever ("context") and it arrived at your blog.

Page Translation:
"Bekijk slechts de afbeelding." = "View Image Only"

"Afbeelding kan verkleind worden weergegeven en auteursrechtelijk beschermd zijn." = "Image may be shown reduced and may be copyright protected."

"Hieronder vind je de afbeelding in zijn oorspronkelijke context op de pagina:" = "Below view the image in its original context on the page:"

Basic Google Images stuff, really.

EGE said...

Wow. I'm impressed. Thanks!

Chemgirl1681 said...

AltaVista Babel Fish is good for translating stuff like that if you need it in the future :)

LadyScot said...

Just so you know: Chemgirl is my daughter.