It's not about the house.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Cobbler's Children

Guess where Johnny is. Ah go on, guess...

(No, not at the pub -- although whoever said that gets the green cookie in the fur-lined pocket.)

He's across the street, of course. At Jimbo's, stripping wallpaper. As a favor. You know, to be neighborly.

Which is neighborly and all. I mean, its nice to be nice, as Johnny would say. And we do want to borrow that scaffolding when the time comes. But I can't help thinking to myself:

Um, Honey? If you feel like working in this weather, I've got this half-finished closet here that could use another dose of joint compound.

Ah well, going prostrate now...

1 comment:

cuz donna said...

At least now you can get Jimbo's contact info in case someone does something to his house on your watch!