It's not about the house.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

P.S. Cf. (& ABZ)

This is what it looks like when Johnny does it:

Maybe someday he can go to Detroit.

(CONTEST ALERT: What's "ABZ" got to do with anything...?)


Charlie said...

Because you've been good, you're staying home tomorrow????

Khurston said...

Oh i'm so ashamed mom missed this one - uncle shelby's ABZ? but i'm stumped to what it has to do with johnny's plasterwork. (he's good by the way. you should hire him...)

Chemgirl1681 said...

I'm guessing I'm too late as charlie and khurston has already referenced Shel Silverstein's "Adult" book Uncle Shelby's ABZ. I am thinking you were writing in the style of that book (sarcasm) with your comparison (cf) of Johnny's work to yours. The thing I can't place is the reference to Detroit...unless - is a big maker of joint compund there?

Charlie said...

That is what I meant...that was a reference to Uncle Shelby's ABZ's...the first page says that "since you have been good, Uncle Shelby will give you the day off!"