It's not about the house.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Um... this what we think it is?

Johnny found it growing outside the fence in the front of our house.

He's sure about it, I'm not.

I think there are a few too many leaves.

At any rate, it's gone now. Johnny dug it up. Sorry if that might make some of you cry, but with the neighbors we have...

If we'd planted it on purpose, we sure as hell wouldn't have planted it right out on the street-side of the front fence.

And in the meantime, while we were out there, we found her:

Ain't she lover-ly?


Stephanie said...

Just so you don't make anyone too sad, it looks like you probably just dug up a
Spider Flower plant.


not that I really know either sort of plant for anything, though.

EGE said...

Oh puke! That looks like a pretty plant!

not that I really know either sort of plant for anything, though, either...

Georgetown House said...

If you're thinking it was what I'm thinking you're thinking it was, that other plant has heavily serrated leaves,
like this

EGE said...

Can somebody tell me how you make a link in a comment on a blog? I try to do it, but it never works (and it has nothing to do with this plant -- whatever it is). My email's on my profile, I'd really like to know...