It's not about the house.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Pricked A Winner!

Prick is my favorite, though Poppo never said it,
Leaving it up to the reader to get it.
All that I know is I started in May,
Going a month with a job every day.
I even extended, I’m two months in now
And this guy thinks he’s so darn clever – this cow
Ruminated my Manifestation
Into a bolus of appropriation.
Some folks (like Goody) say I should be flattered;
Maybe I would be, if I thought the cow mattered.

Goody wants me to point out that I know it's not technically that P-word I've been so careful not to say, and I'm not actually accusing anyone of anything. Just having a little fun, and pointing out an incredibly (some might say unbelievably) happenstantial -- oh, let's just call it a coincidence, shall we?


Stephanie said...

I'm always too late for the contests. Or maybe just too slow ;)

EGE said...

Other people have said that, too. Next time I'll wait longer...

MD said...