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Monday, July 23, 2007

The P Word

In a comment on my last post, Robert suggested a P-word contest, regarding this little nugget that I closed with:

"This Fellow I’ve Just Heard Of Who’s Decided To Do A Blog Entry A Day For Thirty Days About His Renovation Project: Oh, I know there’s a P word I could use here, but it’s not one a lady in my line of work likes to throw around…"

So gimme a P!

This time the winner doesn't have to be first or right -- I'll just pick whichever word I like the best, so enter early and often. (If you win, as always, I'll make a poem with your name in it.)

I think I might already know what form this poem will be in, but I'm open to suggestions (especially from winners)...


Popo said...

Hmmm, could it have something to do with a slight P of the finger with a pin???
So check the previous post also..

cuz donna said...

Plagiarist- he copied your PM!

Robert said...

Perhaps Prudence would take the high road and find him Prudencial?

Khurston said...

eh that's it.

gracie said...

Prehistoric proboscis insect
and Happy Birthday

Ladyscot said...

My first, and only, thought was plagiarism, but Donna beat me to it. Happy Birthday!