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Friday, July 20, 2007

We Are Not Amused (okay, maybe we are)

We're taking the day off.

We're taking the day off because yesterday was such a nightmare, and we had such fun this morning playing Uncle e.e. instead of really writing, that we decided to just play hooky for the afternoon.

(We also, apparently, got crowned Queen of Somewhere, because we can't stop referring to ourselves as us.)

We're taking the day off because we allowed Johnny to convince us to let him finish the closet, and crossing something off our list of things to do is nearly as good as actually doing it.

But we got him to admit that it's a bigger job now than it would have been if we had never touched it in the first place, so we're giving him one week nag-free before we start complaining. About the closet.

And we're taking the day off because Johnny found this dozy bugger:

out here:

and we have no idea how he escaped. He's filthy but he isn't squished or drowned or eaten by coyotes or plain old run away, so we just need to sit and cuddle him a while.

Oh yeah, the front door's green, now. Different from the picture up above. Johnny painted it last year or so. That picture up above is from the town assessor's website. It's so old that, well, just to give you some perspective: you can't see the side of the house from that angle anymore because of the giant trees that grew up since the time that shot was taken.

You also might notice some differences between the colors of the stairs and shingles around the door in the two photos...

We'll get to it, all right? Sheesh.

(And by "we" this time I mean pretty much mostly Johnny.)

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