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Friday, July 6, 2007

Oh, Also...

We have a verdict on the door.

Actually, I completely forgot to ask anyone on Wednesday except for my very first arrivals (who, in fact, broughgt it up themselves -- duh!), but the conversation that the three of us had did help shake something loose in my brain.

See, I'd been hesitant to go with a darker stain (which was of course the natural thing to do considering the beauty of the inside of the door, and the color of the wood, etc.):

because I was afraid the flashy, painty bits would just contrast that much worse if the rest of the door was darker (we did all agree, as well, that it doesn't look quite as bad in person as it tends to in these pictures):

But together we figured out that I could go ahead and try the darker stain, and if it sucks then I just don't varnish it. They wanted me to try all sorts of patch-it-and-match-it kits and markers or whatever, but I know I'm not doing that. Those things are fine for edges and corners or one scratch in the wall or what have you, but if you look closely you can always still see that saomebody fudged it. Plus we're talking about a significant percentage or door-y real estate, here -- and then there's the whole "first thing you see when you walk in the house" issue.

So I'm just going to pick up one of those wee pots of some darker-colored stain and have at it and see how it turns out. What the hell, one more layer, one more day, one more job isn't going to go killing anybody.

Not today though.

It's humid outside, and the damn thing's wet again.

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