It's not about the house.

Friday, July 13, 2007


"Johnny, what's 'water-based' stain?"

"It's crap!"

"But what's the difference between--"

"Water-based stain is just latex paint that you can see through. It's crap, and it's useless, and it's not stain. And if you used it for stain you'd just be fucking up the wood, and it wouldn't cover over the oil real stain that was on there to begin with."

"Oh. Because I saw it in the store, and I put it back on the shelf because I figured, if I'd never heard of it before, then that meant you never used it. And if you never used it then there had to be a reason. And I thought that if I brought it home--"

"I'd killya?"


See? I knew there was a third reason I was right.

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