It's not about the house.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

And The Poem Goes To...

Oy! I wasn’t thinking when I set the assignment
There were only two options from which you decided.
I thought I was clever, that you’d never get it,
Cuz you can’t really tell -- it was Robert that said it.
But each one who guessed, guessed correctly. Go figure.
(Though G.H. answered assways, to make her chance bigger.)
But the Sherlock is Donna-cuz, she guessed right first.
And her reasoning, even, was the least of the worst.
She mentioned the lighting, so she’s winner du jour,
Though she’s wrong if she thinks that I painted the door.

(I said I’d say Einstein, but I can’t figure how
So you’ll have to be happy with Sherlock for now…


Georgetown House said...

So Donna won and got her delightful poem, the too-late guy got a condolence haiku to explain that you weren't giving condolence prizes, and me I get nuthin', not even a silly limerick. :::schniff:::

It's... it's ok. ::whimpercough:: No, really. I'm ok. I'm used to this kind of treatment from the world around me by now. It's why I drink so much, or at least used to until my any-psychotic meds made me unable to afford alcohol any more.

:::going off to feel sorry for myself for the rest of the day:::

EGE said...


"(Though G.H. answered aswways, to make her chance bigger)"

I thought that counted as a nod in your direction, no?

Next time, be quicker, be right (ahem), or come right out and ask for special treatment like the too-late guy!

Georgetown House said...

LMAO so ok I get it, "pathetic and pitiful" goes no farther with you than it ever does with me.

Robert said...

Huh. I thought G.H. was some mystery person like Mr. W.H., but it was georgetown house? Who knew? I'd sympathize if I had not been referred to as that "too late guy."
I enjoyed the haiku, btw. Thanks.

Cuz Donna said...

yay! I never win anything, oh yeah, except the time I won the fertility lottery that I NEVER ENTERED!

Sus said...

You are all too funny!
And that fertility lottery... I do believe you must have entered it at some point with 6 kids.. unless of course you are another VM