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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yay, Clothesline! Part 2.

How jealous are y'all of me right now (ignore the undies 'n' stuff)...?

I slumber tonight 'twixt line-dried sheets...

If it doesn't rain while I'm at work.

Off now. Ta!

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Muddled in Minneapolis said...

no novelty really :) In Pune, all our clothes are "line-dried". The driers which come with most washing machines only claim to dry "betwixt" (love much better than "between") 50% to 70%. So, we hang up our clothes on lines which are strung up on pulleys..u lower them, hang the clothes, then let them go all the way up..u dont even notice them as they hang high up above ur head on the balcony, drying merrily!