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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where We Stand On The Heat Project

Plumber #1, um, died.

Plumber #2 kept making appointments to price the job, not showing up for them, and then calling at random hours when nobody was home and leaving messages saying he'd be here in half an hour and maybe we should just leave the back door open for him.

Plumber #3 never showed up (hey, let's give him the benefit of the doubt: maybe he died, too?).

Plumber #4 wanted $800 just to install an electric water heater, so he didn't get to price the big job.

Plumber #5 wore a suit and quoted $6000, which he would not break down.

Plumber #6 came to price the job, but never sent an estimate (again?).

Plumber #7 never showed up (jeez, another one?).

Now we're on plumber#8. We called him yesterday and he hasn't called back yet.

Can't say as I blame him much, considering how they seem to drop around here...

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Khurston said...

hey maybe your new buddy jimbo knows a plumber... what with all his scaffold owning and such he seems like the type to have this type of aquaintence.