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Monday, July 23, 2007

Cheap Stuff!

I meant to say this on Saturday but I got so caught up bitching about my husband that I plumb forgot...

If any of y'all live near an Ocean State Job Lot and you have a bathroom or kitchen you're re-doing, go quick! They have really good sinks and faucets for really cheap. I puked when I saw them. The same faucet I put in my bathroom for $150 or something sick like that (in a different finish, but still the exact same brand and everything) for $25!

I don't know names or anything, but they had good bathroom sinks for $35 -- just the basin, that is, not a vanity or anything -- but still. Thirty-five bucks? Puke puke puke!

So go, buy them out, redo your bathrooms and tell everybody that your friend EGE sent you. She'll be the one hanging from the curtain rod.

Now I'm going to go move over my curtains and call it a day...

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