It's not about the house.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey, Guess What?

Beer soothes the pain of sunburn very nicely...

Anybody wanna give me an endorsement deal? Shipyard? Endurance? Not even Harpoon? Not even because I went to the same high school as one of the founders? Okay, fine...

Happy Birthday to me, then.


(That last was a typo, but it's funny -- especially in context -- so I leave it. Till the morrow, y'all...)


Kate said...

Happy birthday!

EGE said...

Thank you!

Stephanie said...

You know, if we were a few years younger, and this was Yourspace, not a blog, I'd post some big and sparkly "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in a big cursive font, with a cake with the tackiest twinkliest candles I could find.

But it's not, so you'll have to settle for this:


(Raises virtual beer for a toast.)

JE said...

it's that time of year! Happy Birthday!!