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Friday, July 27, 2007

I Changed My Mind

Meriweather's a punk.

I thought otherwise, but I was wrong. He's a punk. He's a punk and I hate him. He's a punk and I hate him and I can't promise I won't change my mind again later but for now -- phooey. Lalapalooka

Hey here's a thought... CONTEST ALERT:

If anyone who doesn't live in New England (hint hint) can tell me what the hell I'm talking about, I will memorialize you in verse. Oh what the hell, Yankees can play, too (the region, that is, not the team. The team from the Bronx can Nantucket -- if you know what I'm saying.).

And how 'bout this: since I've had complaints before about closing the contests too soon -- and as a special little reward for those of you who tune in on the weekends, I will leave this contest open until noon on Sunday (I was going to say I'd leave it open for two whole days, but a girl's gotta give herself time to versify), and I will write into the poem all the names of anyone who posts any original part of the reason why I think Meriweather is a punk.

Come on, wouldn't you like to see me try to come up with a rhyme for "Meriweather"?


Georgetown House said...

The best I can do is that the NE Patriot's new draft Brandon Merriweather did something to piss you off, but I can't figure out what and that's what I'm supposed to do... IF I'm even right about which Merriweather you're talking about.

EGE said...

You're right. Next?

EGE said...

PS Search my blog...

LadyScot said...

Does it have anything to do with brawls and guns?

Georgetown House said...

OK, found the post to confirm my suspicions (but not posting the link cuz I'm not helping anyone else out, dangit), but I can't find anything in the freakin' news as to why this particular fit of pique.

Still searching. And peeved because I'm normally the freakin' google queen and I'm just not up to my normal abilities right now.

Georgetown House said...

OK the only thing I could figure out is his not showing up to the first day of camp, and still being in contract disputes with them, until late Friday night.

Joe Dallesandro said...

Daniel Merriweather recently provided the vocals for a cover "version" of the Smith's "Stop Me..."
And it sucks

And while we are near the subject...what is with Amy Whinehouse, oops sorry, Winehouse?