It's not about the house.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Remember this from a few days ago?:

"(It's important to have a fridge in your office when you're in my business. If everybody had one, the White Tavern might not have such a hard time keeping their gutters clean, if you know what I'm saying.)"

Well, that was supposed to say White Horse Tavern.

Now do you get it?

Sheesh. I need me a coppyeditor.

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Michael said...

LOL Ive been now 6 months and what seems 40 years working on this house 2 story 1 acre five bedrooms.So I can really relate because its just me doing it all from building a third hand to sitting to figure out the safest and next move to accomplish certain tasks.Ive only said OOPS once and *&/+@%#@#&*_@$&_ the rest.