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Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 32; Project 13: What I SHOULD have done...

... would be to take the handles off the closet in the bedroom, and stain them while I was at this, since they're the exact same doors and handles that I'm working with, but somehow these handles got forgot about when they were stained two years ago.

Good thing we never close them or they might be all greasy from fingerprints.

Okay, enough with the italics already.

I did it.

I varnished the hall.

And I found this:

Where I apparently decided oh, what the hell, I'm running out of stain so there's no need to cover every single square inch of woodwork (and yes, I know I said I swore off italics, but sometimes I'm too lazy to find the perfect word, okay?).

It's not the only flaw I found, but it's the worst. The good news is it's on the hinge-side of the doorjamb, so no one's ever really going to see it.

Except, you know, Himself.

But where was He when I was cleaning out my own forsaken brushes?

Day 32: Accomplished.
Time: 2 hours.
Cost: Zilcho.
I Still Have To Clean The Stove Before I Can Eat Dinner: Puke


Janice said...

maybe you could hang the blotchy door by the blotchy door jamb? glad to see your puritan manifesto has rolled over into July - and that you used my nudge earlier to good effect :-)

we are about to experience our first July 4th in the USA - and we're looking forward to it very much!

EGE said...

Hey! Happy happy! Hope wherever you are (somewhere in Oregon, right?) they have killer fireworks...